My hobby involvement with computers began about 19 years ago.  Mostly for gaming, sometimes typing in different BASIC programs that magazine publishers offered, back then, the software selection was the pits!

1982- Bought my first-   Texas Instruments TI-99a.   Built-in BASIC, about 16K RAM, and no drives, hard, floppy or tape!

1983- Next-  Timex Sinclair,  membrane keyboard with each key having 3 functions.   Not much improvement, still no drives.

1983- Christmas time-  Experienced ATARI 800 for the first time.  My 15-year-old brother was showing me the ropes... the first computer that I worked with which had  a disk operating system (D0S), plus a much wider selection of applications also.

1984- Dad gave me an ATARI 800  with a membrane keyboard and a tape drive with several software titles plus a couple of 'cartridge based' titles.   Things were looking up.  Later that year Dad sent me a disk drive with 'enhancements', it did okay, for what I knew of how it was supposed to work.

1985- I bought an Atari 130XE and a 1050 disk drive.  Thought that I was hot stuff!  128K of bank-switched RAM, and about 88K of disk based storage or so.   I felt like I was getting somewhere.  At my work, I was learning how to manage and construct databases on a TRS-80(Trash 80).

1988- I received a really big CARE PACKAGE in the mail, Dad sent me an 8088 with 512k RAM, and a 32meg hard card full of applications and utilities.  Can you say, ''kid in a candy store''?  


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